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Recommended way to drink

Sake is a luxury item, so basically enjoy it in your favorite way of drinking.
However, when you think about the original taste of sake and how to enjoy it, I think it is best to enjoy pure rice sake with lukewarm sake. We make sake that can be enjoyed with various dishes.

How to make a bowl at home.
You can enjoy the original taste of sake.
By transferring to Tokutoshi, the sake quality is maintained in order to indirectly warm the sake.
Because Tokutoshi also warms up, sake is hard to cool down. The labor of washing etc., and the loss of sake are few.
Please note that the fragrance disappears in the microwave oven.

History of sake

Types of sake that are suitable for sake

Terminology: There is a unique wording for sake. In particular, I will introduce the terms related to the axe.
"Kanbae" Sake that tastes much better when you put on a bowl.
"Go up" The taste is drawn out by the addition of a bowl.
"The taste opens" The taste that was not felt enough when it was cold by the put on the bowl came out to the surface.
"The fragrance opens" The fragrance which was not felt enough when it was cold by the axe came out to the surface.
"It becomes cold" The state in which the sake with the sake put on the sake has cooled down.